Bubble is down.. again..?

Really sorry everyone. As @mikeloc just linked to, we posted an update here: Quick note on the recent outages.

Couple other quick notes that that post didn’t mention:

  • Some apps had problems this morning with users being logged out. This was unrelated to the outages I’m updating on in that post. The cause was a code deploy we made that contained a bug; we’ve rolled that code back.
  • If you rely on Bubble being up for your business, you should subscribe to https://status.bubble.io – you can get email or text updates about our system status. It can be a little spammy when we have an outage, because we have some automations that make sure a message gets posted to the status page if our systems detect an issue, but we try to also have a human keep it up to date when we’re dealing with an issue like this.
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