Bubble is down for me but Status page says it's okay

Anyone else on here getting this problem now at 9am AEST?

Update: Scrap that. Literally got the status message just now a few minutes after posting!


The status page just updated, looks like it’s dowwwwwwn

New Incident Status: Identified
A maintenence reboot of our database is currently stuck, and Bubble isn’t reachable. We should have it back online shortly.

Yup, editor down for me too.

Bubble literally goes down for me several times most days. I have a third-party service monitor this and continually get reports of service not working. Does anyone know the reason for this issue, or how long it will continue?

Hey see my comment here:

Not impressed! Apparently it was down for “Maintenance” and the database update was stuck!

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Is your app not working when you visit it at times that third party service tells your it is down?

I get a lot of ‘issues with main cluster’ notifications lately, but usually the app is still working.

No. I’ve checked several times and it is indeed not working. I just got a report at 4:08 CT that it wasn’t working, and then a follow up at 4:20 CT this it is ok again.

Both editor and app were down.

Just now yes, but this was a fluke issue. I don’t think I want to get notified on each and every piece of maintenance. That would mean bubble would have to notify me almost constantly as they are always working on the platform!

There are strategies they can employ to reduce the risk for customers. One suggestion would be to give us an option to add a maintenance page / message for customers. Not having to use a third part service to do this, but this looks like the only option at this stage.

In technology there are no flukes, there is just risk management.

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