Bubble Is Great

I’m new to Bubble and before Bubble I’d spent over $20,000 on Upwork.

This spend involves describing what I want, then waiting for the questions, then waiting for the work to be done and then having to explain that’s not exactly what I’d asked for and waiting for the corrections and so on.

With Bubble I just try myself, then just look on the forum or ask a question, visit YouTube and all is free!

If you’re new to Bubble like me, then stick with it because the learning curve drops down on a very fast scale and each bit becomes clear.

I’ve got a long way to go but for once I can see light at the end of the tunnel and I’m really, really happy.

Thanks Bubble.


So glad it’s working out so well for you! :raised_hands:

It really is an awesome tool. :blush:


Hey @alec.bancroft

This was exactly what got me so excited about Bubble (and still does).

I can now spend way less time building something than the time it would take me to brief someone else to build it for me - this is huge!

Then once you throw in all of the back and forth to refine your app, you’re miles in front in terms of invested time and the gaping hole in your wallet isn’t there.

But probably the unexpected benefit is being able to push products further than you may have imagined initially. When you’re relying on someone else to build things for you, you do become constrained by what they know how to build / want to build / ability to understand a way of doing something that isn’t just a clone of another product and so on.

The catalyst for me to learn how to build my own apps with no-code was when I found myself hitting walls with freelancers and agencies that didn’t know how to build that next feature etc. A lot (not all) just want to keep pulling from the same bag of tricks - and I get the reason for that, but that doesn’t help me create new and innovative products if all I’m doing is copying what’s already been done.

I spent so much time researching and investigating solutions, nagging them to take a look at this solution to doing something they told me couldn’t be done, then paying them to learn it, implement it etc, and then tell me at the end that actually it wasn’t that hard after all :man_facepalming:

In the end it’s just easier to cut out the middleman :grinning:

Haven’t looked back since

Josh @ Support Dept
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