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Bubble is overcharging you probably

Contact support as they did mention in the threads somewhere that they are there to assist with accidental usage like this. Let us know if they do.


The fact that they blocked it it’s a good thing. The alternative is letting you use all the available resources untill you break the whole cluster of servers and put down all the others app :man_shrugging:


I get capacity alerts for an app that’s not in use and has never been shared with anyone.

I am also quite unhappy with WU already as a concept.

Imagine telling the client that every time you use the app, it will start to cost more. If I was the client I would log in once a week, do minimum of actions and log out. Is this how we want our apps to be used? No. We want the app to be a go-to-place for whatever it was built for.

I wish there was another way to do this than making the client pay for the time they use the app.

I’ve already lost client projects because of the pricing. Potential clients don’t want to be bothered with this type of pricing nonsense.


This is a sad story.

hello, same thing for me, after this catastrophic announcement on the WU, I find myself with capacity overflow alerts on an app of 3 years and 15 users and which has never exceeded 3% load

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Christo, the Bubble support team did assist with the accidental usage and somewhat mitigated the issue. It certainly left a positive impression although I still spent more than I had to for the project.

Still, I have some serious concerns about the new pricing policy. In specific:

  • I don´t have any clue on how to explain to clients or investors that their app cost might increase above the threshold we agreed on and in measures that are not transparent to the public;
  • The second huge issue is that Bubble doesn´t have any accidental workload overuse protection or effective tools to help understanding workload usages; and
  • Third and the most critical to me is that Bubble will interrupt your app and prevent you from seeing the front end pages if you run out of workloads. In other words, the project is hijacked and only released upon payment, which in my current perspective it is borderline ethical. Dude, I’m putting infinite hours of my time inside of this platform and bringing on clients with their entire businesses! It is my intellectual property and I need it when I need it. Bubble should not have the right to dictate when I can see my app or not. It would be completely fine if some features are slowed down to a minimum throughput or workflows are paused for verification, but please don´t make me and my clients hostage of your unclear pricing policies.

At the end of the day I suspect that the maximum workloads allowed per tier will not be an issue if we develop our app correctly, but conceptually it is not a model I am comfortable with and I hope Bubble will consider some improvements.

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