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Hey everyone. Im new to the community here. moving from wordpress. I currently use the formidable forms plugin and use form2pdf addon that basically takes a users form answers and puts them into a pdf form and locks it so no one else can edit the form fields anymore.

I need to do something like this for

i need a user to fill out a form, i got that working. the form will then put the info into the database. and then i would like for it to populate a pdf form with that information. each pdf field will have a field on the form.

Also how would i go about emailing these pdfs.

Thanks in advanced everyone

Hi Joseph, welcome to Bubble!

I haven’t added anything from Bubble to a PDF myself, but I’ve seen more than a handful of discussion threads about the topic in the forums. Here are a few links that may be helpful:

  1. [New Feature] PDF Generation
  2. Bubble Page to PDF - New Plugin from Zeroqode
  3. Yet Another URL/HTML to PDF API and Plug-in

I recommend @levon ‘s

Bubble Page to PDF.

It is not too expensive and is flexible with the size of the page. He is very helpful too when you need help with figuring out how it works. Good documentation as well. Try it out. I used to use SelectPDF which created high quality PDFs but the price really got the better of me eventually.

i though abot using a page to pdf plugin but i also saw there was a few users that had issues with pages sizes etc. i already have these pdf forms made for all my companies forms and rather use them than have to recreate them.