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Hey, does anyone know how to fix the annoying bubble issues counter? It keeps showing some really stupid issues, I fix them and then on reload they come back again.
Some issues show on “Trigger Custom Event” actions asking me to choose an event to trigger, it is clearly already selected, but nooo, I must select it again.
I often get 20-30 issues and just clicking on 1 seems to make them go away randomly…
It wouldn’t be so annoying if deploying to live mode ignored them, but I need to keep fixing issues that are clearly not issues.

Anyone knows how to deal with this?

Hi there, @axeljaworski… I have had very few instances over the years where the issue counter was not pointing out a legitimate issue that I needed to fix, and in situations where that wasn’t the case, a simple refresh of the editor would usually make the non-existent issue(s) go away.

So, first, have you tried refreshing the editor when issues show up that you don’t think are legit? Second, if you are seeing instances of issues randomly appearing out of nowhere, I’m guessing Bubble support would want to know about it, and you should probably get in touch with them so they can take a look at your app.



Thanks, will submit a ticket

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