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Bubble Iteration


I am new to bubble but have been coding for 4 decades so am struggling a bit with the no-code terminology. Perhaps there should be a developers guide to Bubble.

So I have a text list field {“a cat”,“dog”,“friend”} - i.e. a field with a list in it.

I would like to generate a boolean calculated field based on the presence or absence of a value in that list. e.g. if I have an Id field and a list field…

> Blockquote
1 {“a”,“dog”,'cat"}
2 {“fred”,'bill"}
3 {“sam”,“cat”}
4 {“bbb”,“dog”,“cat”}

> Blockquote

The above (sorry if poorly formatted - editor is sub-optimal) should return 4 values when looking for “cat”: {1,0,1,1}

Every time I try to do this it seems to decide I am looking for “cat” in the concatenated (no pun intended) column of values.

Coding - this would be simple, absent code it is like dungeons and dragons… you are a dark room and have a candle but no matches…

All this data is in a Bubble table “Voulnteers” - I have tried a few variations like:

"Search for Volunteers’s tag contains ‘cat’ "…

but it just wants more because it sees me as searching the entirety of the search call, not the specific iteration of a return value - so how the (*&%^) do I do that and why is this so complex?



:search :filtered

In the filtered constraints click to choose a field and scroll down and choose “advanced” …. this will enable you to build expressions using “this thing”

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