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Bubble + Jasonette (native mobile apps)

By doing this wrapping method, will the mobile app have browser navigation? Like zeroqode native screenshot?

Thank you

Hi @jelly, welcome to Bubble.

Yes as you build your entire ‘native’ inside Bubble, you can create anything you want, like popup, button and Swipe touch (from Zerocode).

I dont like the web browser navigation bar like in zerokode cause it doesnt look like a native app but a web browser view.

So it seems like wrapping in jasonette will not have this problem is that correct.

Thank you!

The design is up to you :wink:

If you make your app in one page, it’s faster than switching from page to page (2 sec. once loaded).

Hey @jelly - thought you may find what we just launched interesting given your comment here. In particular, you may get some real value out of our component library that have true native look/feel and that also adapt to the device in use.

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This look cool. I know bubble have ui limitation.

Sorry im not very technical. If i only need to build one app, after i lauch it to the app store/play store do i still need to pay the monthly $65 a month?

For people who are new on the subject,

please read 10 min to create a free native app with Bubble for iOS and Android.

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More updates on 10 min. to create a free native iOS Android apps

Now you can just use this app to convert your Bubble web app into an Jasonette compatible Android project for free in 1-click. It is open-source.

What is json file?

Hi @loganphill.06

You don’t need anymore a file. You will find the info

10 min. Native App in 2020 iOS & Android

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@JohnMark a MASSIVE thank you to you for all your help on this page. My app was just approved by Apple (jumped through the hard hoop, time to submit to Google Play now). There are definitely some tricky points, but for all the non-coders out there, you absolutely can do it through Jasonette with Xcode.

The app is currently in beta testing. The main functionality is to show you what drink/food specials are happening around you in real time or help you find the type of scene you’re looking for. It’s based in NYC which is currently under quarantine and all bars are closed, so there’s no sense in releasing it now.

If anyone has any interest, you can download the TestFlight app if you have an iPhone and then use this link to download it on your phone:

Feel free to grill me with any suggestions for improvements!

JohnMark, thanks again! This has been over a year in the making and I woulda never figured out Jasonette without all of your help on this page.



Hi @mikeyoconnell.18

Glad it helps. Corona slows everything down for the next 2-3 weeks, so it’s time to improve! :slight_smile:

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Hi JohnMark,

I’am trying to follow your instructions but I have difficulties. Could you be more detailed please. For exemple, I don’t have the setep directory in my zip file. What should I do ?4

Thanks a lot,

Hello Rajo

I missed your post. Have you fix the situation?

Thanks for pointing me towards Jasonette. I am really pleased so far.

One issue, when I open the app for the first time after building, the header set in the JSON overlaps the content of the page, even when trying to scroll up, the content at the top of the bubble app is hidden.

However, if you close the app and reopen, the bubble app content starts BELOW the JSON header rather than under it.

It’s a slight inconvenience, but first impressions are important and if I just move the bubble app contents down a tad, it looks weird in the subsequent use of the app after it has been closed the first time.

Is there a way to make this more consistent, or even force the app to reopen after the initial load?

Hello @edward.buchholz

I don’t see why you’re using a jasonelle header. Everything can be done under Bubble. Did I miss something?

It was a safe areas issue. I ended up uncommenting the safe area code in the webview frame and then changing:

y =;
                height = [UIScreen mainScreen].bounds.size.height +


y =;
            height = [UIScreen mainScreen].bounds.size.height -

then setting the view background color with:

vc.view.backgroundColor = [JasonHelper colorwithHexString:@"#03B4C6" alpha:1.0];

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to ask if there’s anyone here with experience of using Jasonette to convert web apps into mobile native apps? If so, I would really appreciate your help if you could please help me in converting my current project which was built here on bubble into a mobile app.

I need a mac PC for it but unfortunately I am just unable to get one at this point. I need to convert the web app into mobile app to be plugged on to iOS and Android please.

I look forward to your reply.