Bubble Keeps Crashing (Large SPA)


I have a new mac mini… Very large single page app project.

Bubble crashes just about every 5 minutes of me working on my app.

Incredibly slow load times and speeds.

Makes it very hard to get any work done.

Recommendations much appreciated.

Ive thought about pulling things out into a new page to speed things up? then copy and paste…

It still freezes or crashes when copying and pasting.

Clearing cookies helps.

Are you using reusable elements to split your SPA into ”pages”? In my experience, that can help (not least for maintainability).

Have you run the debugger (debug_mode=true) to see what workflows are run when the app loads etc.?

My 2 cents on where to start


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The app itself runs fine and is fast.

It is the editor.

This is good info thanks! Good to know I ain’t the only one… Lol.

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