Bubble language - a code for no-code platform

Having experiences with other platforms, tools and frameworks, and being a programmer, I somehow feel Bubble as being a little bit messy regarding the mixing of user interface elements and “programming logic”. It is true that you can incorporate quite a lot of “procedure” (or business rules, if you like), in UI elements in Bubble. It is a kind of MS Access of the modern world.

This might be a long shot, but would it be possible to develop a kind of a “bubble language” and its interpreter, which would basically define all the elements that an application has. With some imagination, a session could look like:

/> data
/data> add type name=Fruit
/data/Fruit> add field name=Name type=text
/data/Fruit> ..
/data> ..
/> design
/design> add element parent=index type=Input
/design/Input A> set placeholder=Search for Fruit's Name
Search for Fruits constraints:
/design/Input Search for Fruits's Name> set name=Input Name
/design/Input Name>

If you know the user interface of Mikrotik’s RouterOS operating system, that’s the idea.

The “separation of concerns” would be better, especially if you would separate the UI code from “rules” code. Also, a lot of developers likes their keyboards - the command line is quite popular in modern IDEs.

However, would Bubble still remain a no code platform after doing something like this? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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