Bubble latency & UI Issues

I am working on an app for financial planning. I have built the front end on Bubble but am running into a peculiar issue.
The UI and the various boxes and forms tend to expand weirdly and misalign. But if I use responsive design, this problem does not happen, but I see a huge latency issue and get errors that it is not able to connect to server.

Basically, we try to avoid the UI expanding fully and causing misalignment - it causes latency. If we try to avoid the latency, then the boxes end up being fully expanded.

Can you help? Do other people and apps have similar issues? I am stuck just because of this and at my wits end.


Don’t know if I understood…
I have a good experience with responsive desing… I’m only using that one…
Easier do design, easier to control…
You must have misunderstood a concept of responsivness…
Difficult to understand with your decription, why do not make a small video?

Thanks for your response. The latency issue seems to have been resolved. But I have this issue that with responsive design, my header does not go across the full page.

1.Here is the design that I want to implement. See how the blue header goes across entire screen

  1. But this is how Bubble’s responsive design looks like. There are white spaces on the left and right and the dark blue header does not span the full page.