Bubble lead developer for Hedera Blockchain app

I built version 1 of an app that has major traction integrating with Hedera. We have so many requests that I need a lead developer to take over the project so I can concentrate on other parts of the business.

This is an ownership opportunity for the fastest growing app space out there today.

1 year minimum Bubble experience. 2 years node.js

DM or reply if interested to hear more.


That sounds really interesting I have both of those qualifications. Can you tell me more about your weekly requirements in terms of developer demand. Is this something that I could help out with on the side of my current workload? Or is this more like a full-time thing?


Give @jared.gibb a try. You won’t find a ton of freelance people who know node.js and Bubble (at the expert level) in this forum.


Hi Jared. So sorry I didn’t see this.

Part time for sure! Let’s move to DM and have a. Chat.