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Bubble Lessons frustrating copy error


I turn off arrows because I find them annoying and because of this I found a copy error which led me to repeat this lesson 4 times before I found out the copy error.

The lesson is: Using APIs and sending data to groups.

In the copy it says “having 1 row and 3 columns”, see the screenshot:

When I select 3 columns, it gives me an error.

The reason is because it wants 4 columns! And you would only know this if you had the arrows turned on, see screenshot:

After my third attempt with arrows off, I only realised the issue after turning arrows off. I hope its not too much effort to correct this issue!


Oops that was bad :confused: It’s a very easy fix though, i’ll push an updated copy this morning. Thanks for spotting that (and sorry about that).

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Wow you replied fast!

Its always good to know that the founders are quick to respond. I’m loving Bubble so far - thank you for your great work. I’ll report more bugs should I find any.

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