Bubble line chart error


I’ve been struggling with using the line/bar chart plugin provided by Bubble. Essentially the user uploads data (for example their blood pressure (BP)) to a database and their results history is shown on a graph. However, the issue I am coming across is that the Users BP is shown as “0” on the graph on the days they do not upload their BP.

I’ve been trying to get around this by creating a workflow that fills in the previous missing days with the latest available value. For example, 130, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 124 would become 130, 130, 130, 130, 130, 130, 124. Is there a way of showing a more natural curve, for example 130, 129, 128, 127, 126, 125, 124 instead of a big jump?

I hope my question makes sense, and I’d be delighted if anyone can give me a hand with this!

Many thanks,
Jeremy Simpson

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