Bubble manual : API cursor consistency versus Bubble editor?


I wonder why API cursor starts at 0 while in Bubbe editor, a list starts at item#1.

Provided a list : {A,B,C,D}
in bubble editor, A is item#1
in bubbe API, A is item#0 ? (if I set cursor at 0, I get A. If I set the cursor at 1, I get B).

Please check the attached screenshot of Bubble manual (is it correct? or an error)?

And finally, can anyone tell me how to make the sort_field work? is it in curl? or in parameters, and, for “Created Date” for example, will there be an issue due to the space between “Created” and “Date”?
Link to Bubble manual (navigate to pagination)

That is not just Bubble there. An Array in JSON starts at 0 for the first item.

Because coders.


:grinning: Thank you @NigelG .

Then they need to specify that slight difference in the Bubble manual, right.
“Cursor: Where to start the list (similar to idems from # in the Bubble editor, but starting at 0)”
“Let’s say we want to get results from the 2nd record to the 5th, we provide a cursor value of 1 and a limit value of 3.”


Just in case anybody encounters the Sort_field issue I have above, here is the workaround :

  • It is “sort_field”, not “Sort_field”. Capitalized word is used in the Bubble documentation because it is the beginning of a sentence. But this is misleading as the API doesn’t support that synthax. cursor, limit, sort_field, descending, etc… everything needs to be lowercase.
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