Bubble mobile-web-app as a piece of attachment to major apps

Hi folks,

Saying, the bubble-built web- app is up and running functioning . It is native page by using conditional to hide and show groups, so basically it is just 1 page only.

If considering to make this page a product to sell to different companies to “attach” to their own mobile-app: (i.e. by clicking on one link on their website, it re-direct the user to a web-browser. ) Am I right that:

1, this can keep the effort from both side minimum because it is like a “trailer” concept :

  • they don’t need to provide me a development environment to add any component to their app.
  • I don’t need to bespoke the product for them at all.
  • all need to be done is to develop a “hook” (widget is the nameI guess? but I don’t even seek to embed nor show the component on their website All I ask is just a hook to direct a separate web-mobile-browser like we saw sometime on these popular apps. )

2, Please let me know how to develop this “hook”. Can kindly point me to any Bubble documentation or Plug-ins. I’ve been digging around but couldn’t find the right tutorials etc.

Thank you