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Bubble native app tester not displaying videos or Disqus plug-in

Hi there.

I have a group that shows a youtube video and below that uses the disqus plug-in for comments. When I view as a browser app, the videos and disqus plug-in show as expected, but when viewed as a native app, I can’t see either the video or the Disqus plug-in.

I have restarted the app. Logged out and back in and that has not fixed it.

Any thoughts on the cause for this?


To add. There are some other strange behaviours occurring only when viewing in the bubble app in native mode.

  • Using Google material icons is sometimes showing the text translation instead of the actual icon.

  • When running a workflow on a do when conditional, the action is only running once even though the workflow is set to run every time.

  • When I navigate back to a prior screen (hide current group and show another group) the screen seems to be squashed into a tiny thin line.

  • Fonts are not displaying as defined (have defined Open Sans but getting some default sans-serif font)

I am testing on an iPhone 7 Plus and have also tested on iPhone 6S and have the same issues (except for the font issue which doesn’t occur on the 6S). Not sure if it something to do with versioning of the Bubble app perhaps?

As previously mentioned, the app is behaving as expected when viewed in browser (in the bubble app, on my laptop and in safari and chrome on my iPhone), but these issues are occurring only when viewed as a native app.


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