Bubble Needs to Allow Multiple Payment Methods

One of the projects built on my Bubble account has now transitioned into more of a joint-venture with a colleague and we aren’t using my personal credit card to fund it anymore. But now I have to create a whole new Bubble account, move that app over to that account and resubscribe from there (which by the way charges you right away, so I have to wait till the day before the end of the current billing period to do this which is a pain). It would be a lot easier if I could just apply a different credit card to this specific app on my own account.


I am 100% in agreement here. I recently had to do this for a client - I’m not sure why Bubble couldn’t just make it where the “Transfer” process allows you to put in a new user and update the card.

I know there’s an Agency plan - I might be looking into that soon. I believe it makes it way easier to do this.

Any fellow long time veterans have any input here who are perhaps on Agency plan?

I believe @nocodeventure has an agency plan? But I 100% agree here, I wish I could charge my company card at times and my personal other times.

I added this to the ideaboard

agency plan is great for this use-case. Apps are on an agency plan and released upon completion for the user to put in their own payment details.

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Good info - Thanks! I’ll do some digging on the agency plan. :slight_smile:

But this would still mean a single payment method is tied to a single Bubble account correct? It doesn’t solve the issue of wanting to apply a different credit card to an app on a single Bubble account.

When you push an app, it’s pushed to a client. They can manage how to get billed for apps on the account, not on the app itself.

Right, thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately, doesn’t really solve my use case.

You can optionally cancel the subscription, enable it on a specific day of the month and switch the card on your account before that day reaches. :roll_eyes:

The problem is there are other apps on my account that I need to stay on my personal card. Another annoyance is that even if I create a new account and transfer the app to it I lose all the legacy pricing options…

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Yeah, 100% relate to this. The only reason I’m able to do anything is because I have 2 legacy accounts. I’ve added it to the ideaboard because I think this is really something needed.