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Bubble not writing data to database

Not sure if anyone is experiencing this, data is not being written to the database… Cant figure out what is happening.

sure it’s not a privacy rule issue ?

@NicolasDap, I don’t think so, will check later on. I know I did not set any privacy rules though… Also noticed the editor have been acting weird in Chrome, sluggish, constantly refreshing… Sent an email to support, waiting to hear back from them.


Hi Kelvin,

I can load the editor for several apps with no issues. Let us know which app you’re having trouble with, if still.

@georgeciobanu, thanks for response.… Just responded to support email.


@georgeciobanu Still slow when deploying to live and not writing data to default user database…

Kelvin I took a look and everything looks good when I try. Please shoot us an email to [email protected] with exact details of how to reproduce it.

@georgeciobanu did you try using the sign up? I should have gotten an email notification, nothing came through… Checked both live and dev database and nothing in there assuming you signed up. So its still not working.

Recreating this issue on a new page and this is what I am getting… Constant page refresh in Chrome and Safari, cant even fill out the fields… This is weird for something so simple, not sure what is going on with Bubble

Hi Kelvin,

I replied to your support ticket to the sign up issue - it worked fine as well. We sometimes see this happen for very large apps and/or on slower connections. Please submit issues to [email protected], we monitor it much closer and we can ask/share specific information about your app in order to troubleshoot faster.

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