Bubble only for MVPs!

Good afternoon,
Well, this for me proves what I’ve been thinking and verifying for some time, that Bubble focuses on developing apps for MVPs only, that is, just the initial prototype for Startups.
It should not be used for corporate applications.
The limitations of lines (records) speak for themselves.
The simplest plan that I could use is Professional, because in Personal with a limit of 5,000 lines it is impossible.
Understand, I’m in Brazil, only the list of cities in the country has 5570 lines, that is, they alone already exceed the limit.

Anyway, each tool has a purpose and, Bubble, only for MVPs, but because we will (in my view) waste time getting to know, study and apply ourselves in a tool that has these limitations, where others allow us to actually make not only MVPs but also the corporate application.

I’m going to finish what I’m doing and abandon the tool.

Also because they are not in the habit of telling us about new implementations, changes to the tool and everything else.
And I didn’t see the new prices and limits of the Agencia plan here, which many of us use in our companies.

It was a pleasure, I’ll be here for a while. Until later.

Well the title of this post is pretty inconvenient
U can get some answers here