Bubble O'Reilly guide

Hello all. I am a newbie to this no-coding concept and to development (am a business person building an app based on Bubble’s core premise that you don’t need to know how to code).

The forum and online documentation are both awesome. That said, I have loved O’Reilly type publications that you can go from start to finish in some kind of sequence. Reason: You need to understand and learn how to conceptualize an app in terms of flows, and function and only then jump to things like groups, or databases or things etc. If you conflate the two my experience is you get frustrated easily and are also not learning effectively or efficiently. I looked on Amazon but can’t find any books on either Bubble or this concept . Given the massive number of smart users here, has anyone thought of writing one? I’d be a fan! Or if you have any other such book-like resource, that would be great too. Thanks!


About learning resources, as I answered in your other topic, the built in bubble lessons are the best to begin with.

If you want more, there are both free and paid courses around, you can check youtube, cobubble and many others.

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Yes you are right, I had not made full use of the contextual help, they are excellent, thanks

Have you looked through Stakk.co?


No just started going through, thanks for the pointer!

Bookmarked that page. Very useful, is it yours?

Yes. I’ll be adding some more useful tools to it on the coming months. Feel free to send any feedback.