Bubble OS? Bubble Web Browser?


This is just a general question. I’ve been developing on Bubble for a few years now, but I’m still not completely educated on the ins and outs to determine this for myself.

I was wondering if it is currently possible to build a web browser with Bubble or an operating system? If no, does anyone think it WILL become a possibility one day?

Thank you

Neither of these will ever be possible. Bubble uses features built into the web browser to run it’s apps. Without those features like how to display and evaluate HTML/CSS/JavaScript Bubble won’t work. Even if you had Bubble’s source code you would still need an operating system to run the computer/server hardware and make Bubble’s code work. Bubble is only good for in browser applications.

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To add to this, operating systems like Linux and others use a programing language called assembly which is an easier way to read and decode binary (machine language). This is a direct interface to the hardware by telling it which bits or circuits to open or close in the correct sequence. Bubble is built with a high level programing language that is built on other languages that then interface with low level programing languages (assembly and machine). Tools like bubble are only possible because all the ones and zeros are handled by a stack of other programing languages.


Ah, understood.

I appreciate you taking the time to answer and explain this so clearly.


your best bet is to use i frames, but even then your domain name would need permissions to access these sites in an iframe. Im actually dealing with this now, ill keep you updated,

i actually just landed a huge official partnership with kayak, emails are slow but we’re working on iframe permissions right now

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