Bubble Page to PDF - New Plugin from Zeroqode

thank you for the promt reply. It sees to be still an issue. It doesn’t matter if with https: or https:// or without. I setting up the variable in SendGrid and just Input ConverttoPDF as VAR3. Is there anything wrong or do you have another idea?

So i was trying to create this repeating group proposal builder thing… which works just fine… but i wanted the user to be able to add block, and one block would contain the PAGE BREAK object. The only problem is the page break happens at the top of the PB object, and introduces 10px of space that then carries over which messes up full page images. Is it possible to make this an option to break render at the bottom or top depending on desire. the other option… if possible… could there be a way to break the PDF by looking for a tag like [[BREAK PAGE]] that introduces zero extra pixels and removes the tag.


Thank you so much for the update. I do see a difference. Thank you. It still is a very huge difference between a true PDF and the quality of the document that I get from your program though.



I zoomed in so you can see the quality of it more clearly. Is this the best we should expect?

@patricia - Here is the update so far. I am hoping we can get a clear PDF somehow. Not sure if I am just expecting too much from this. Might be just sacrificing clarity for an easy solution and saving money.

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@J805 I think you are comparing a PDf of text with a PDF of an image which is comparing apples and oranges. A PDF which is an image of text tends to be fuzzy, it related on the image quality when saved. It’s pretty certain that a plugin that takes an image off the screen and produces a PDF is always going to suffer quality issues over say a PDF service (like Select PDF) which is converting words to PDF. However, the speed and ease of use, at least for me, makes a compromise acceptable.

I’m not in a position to test for the next few weeks, I’ve disconnected parts of my app so can’t push live yet, but I’m reassured that you say there is a huge difference.

Ya. Thanks @patricia I’m just not sure if @levon is in a position to improve the quality somehow or if this is as good as it gets. When your customers are already used to a good quality PDF, and then you bring down the quality that much, then they might start complaining. Wouldn’t want that.

We’ll see if we can improve it further


Thanks! Looking forward to that. You are great @levon

Any update on make the quality better? Maybe just do what you did last time again? See if that helps? Thanks Levon

Not yet, Jason, what we did last time exhausted itself, we are checking out something else, whether we could print text as text and image as image, because right now we print text as image and that causes the quality to get slightly worse. Can’t commit on anything yet, and it might take time

Ohhh, ok. That sounds like a great idea! I hope something works out. :slight_smile: Looking forward to the update! That would make it amazing! I hope that is something you can do. It’s way over my head. So that would be amazing. :slight_smile:

@levon Does this plugin allow me to email the PDF in my workflows?

Yes - you can access the converted (PDF) file and send it via email (sendgrid or similar)


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Anyone have this issue where my icons show up on the site but not printing in the PDF?

You can see the icon on the page here:

But no icon on the PDF here:

@J805 what kind of icons are you using here?

I am following this example:

what browser are you using?
also, can you add maxim@bubblewits.com to your app so we could help you out?

@levon Can you add and example how to make a PDF out of Pop Up without opening a Pop Up?

I have a repeating group (invoices) that I can open in pop up but I would like to download/email them without opening a popup.

At the moment I get this error… “The plugin Bubble Page to PDF converter / action Convert to PDF a Convert to PDF threw the following error: Cannot read property ‘ownerDocument’ of undefined”

Also, I couldn’t produce letter size pdf from pop up correctly when I download pdf inside a pop up…
I have a fixed size pop up 612 x 792 and for workflow settings I use

PDF size is correct but content is smaller on the pdf. There is about 200px empty space on right side and on the bottom. Those are right settings? Ps. I can use custom size for this and it works fine.

It would be nice to have an example how to use Save to Bubble AWS. I just want to make sure it is being saved correctly so do I need to add pause are anything like that into workflow?

My current workflow doesn’t seem to save an URL. I tried to save URL and file too but both of them don’t give any results. In previous step Save to AWS is checked.


What is weird is that it saves the url after second click. I have tried a lot of different stuff and even 10s brake between actions. It’s pretty pretty weird and makes me wonder if it’s the plugin after all?

I try to use this to email a pdf file to a user but it’s not really reliable when link is not saved on a first click.

Ok, i added you to my app. I am using Safari. Thanks for taking a look. :slight_smile:

Hi @boostsalesgroup

if the popup is not open it is considered as non-present so there is no way to print a content of a popup to pdf if it’s not open.

this process is asynchronous, you need to use event "uploading to AWS is finished (as it’s set up in our demo page)
see this screenshot

might be a bud indeed, we’ll check it out

@J805 seems it’s an issue with the library that we use. The icons are not rendered only in safari. An issue is opened in Github of library creator as soon as the is an update we’ll fix it.