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Bubble Page to PDF - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Just upgraded to v1.54.0 and can’t get the server side action to work. Exactly replicated as in your demo and documentation.


Any advice? @ZeroqodeSupport

Hey, @dev13!

Thanks for contacting us.

Due to the latest update (1.50.0/higher), the field “File uploads enabled” has to be filled with the boolean YES/NO in the plugin element. So, referring to your error “Remember to fill out…” , please find the plugin element and fill the “File uploads enabled” field with the YES value.

As per the “Do when Converter…” error - it appears on the 1.50.0/higher version because the plugin’s state “output file URL” was changed. To resolve this error, please click on this error (you will be redirected to the element where you are calling the old plugin’s state), and then in the dropdown with variants choose the “output file URL” state

If there are any more questions, please, let us know.

Best regards.


Hello, @lantzgould!

As I can see from the body of the error, the issue is that the plugin can’t recognize the element by its ID, cause this ID’s name is set up incorrectly.

Cause that is an HTML ID attribute, the ID and NAME elements must start with a letter i.e. upper case A to Z or lower case a to z; a number is not allowed.
After the first letter any number of letters (a to z, A to Z), digits (0 to 9), hyphens (-), underscores (_), colons (:), and periods (.) are allowed.

Please, set up a different name for the id and try out the plugin again.

In case this issue persists, drop us a line here.

Best regards.

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Thank you, @ZeroqodeSupport - but the problem still persists. I’m trying to capture the entire page. I see your example is wrapped in a group, but I’m only focused on the entire page. My id is set to groupFullPage just as in your example, but produces the same error.


The info is unfortunately confidential, so I can’t share the editor, but happy to screenshot anything else if it helps in debugging?

Hey, @lantzgould!

Taking into consideration that you can’t share the access to your editor, would it be comfortable for you to record us the video of how you reproduce your issue where:

  • we can see the page you want to convert (element properties window);
  • the workflow you trigger to convert the page (it can be that other workflows interfere the plugin or the workflow is quite overloaded);
  • enabled debugger;
  • enabled browser console.

If you don’t mind this, please share the video record to [email protected] email. We will try to reproduce and investigate your case.

Best regards.

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Hey guys,

I am trying to figure out the interactive links on the new plugin but there doesn’t seem to be any documentation and whenever I try it the links become broken.

Am I right in thinking that with the new update there is a way for links to remain working once a PDF has been downloaded?

Screenshot 2021-07-22 at 16.09.46

@ZeroqodeSupport Loving the new super high-quality converter.

I have the plugin working on a two-page file but the workflow appears to be timing out on an 18-page document?

Would this make sense?


Hello, @sophie1! Thanks for reaching out.
Please accept my apologies for the late reply. :pray:

Yes, correct. After the plugin converts the page to PDF, your URLs remained clickable. There are a few ways to make it work:

  1. use the simple text URL (the PDF file will recognize this text as a clickable URL);
  2. use the HTML code if you want to make your elements clickable (example below):
HTML Image as link The following image works as a link:

By the way, the URL will be clickable if only it’s text is recognizable. If you use wrong way to put your URL into the HTML element or your URL’s text won’t be recognizable - the link won’t be clickable.

Hope it helps!
Zeroqode Support Team

Hi, @timzafir! Thanks for reaching out and thank you for your kind words. :slightly_smiling_face:

The plugin itself should be working much faster than on the previous versions. Another reason why your 18-page doc does not convert fast might be the fact that the application has not loaded yet the content for all 18 pages.

Also, there are some more reasons that might slow down the plugin work speed as:

  1. Network problems
  2. Disk usage
  3. Disk speed
  4. RAM usage

I can recommend using an action “Add a pause before the next action” or to “break” your converting 18-pages workflow into pieces.

Hope it helps!
Zeroqode Support Team

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Perfect. This fixed it!


I wanted to report a bug. If you include an element ID of an element that’s not currently shown the plugin does not work. So I have a group element I want to convert to a pdf, but depending on the user selecting certain options there are elements shown or hidden within this group element. When certain elements are hidden and their element ID’s are also included in the ignore list of the plugin task the plugin does not seem to work.


Thanks so much for your reply. I’ve tried both options and they both seem to return broken urls:

The simple text url is also giving inactive links.

Thanks again


Hi, @ben.bracquene, thank you for your message.

Will it be convenient for you do provide more detailed description of your case? Please provide a description of your use case + setup screenshots + short video of reproducing your case. It will help us investigate and locate the root cause of the issue, if it exists.

At the moment we are unable to reproduce your bug. Your use case, if I have understood it correctly, works well on our side:


You can not use GIF files in this HTML code, as I can understand. Try to use JPG/PNG/JPEG instead. Take a look at my example, please:

Hope it helps. Have a good weekend, friends. :slightly_smiling_face:
Zeroqode Support Team