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Bubble Page to PDF - New Plugin from Zeroqode

No problem. Here’s the CSS:
/* creates blurred backgrounds */
#blurred-background {
-webkit-backdrop-filter: blur(3px);
backdrop-filter: blur(9px);

and the screenshots…

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Does this plugin work with responsive pages? Currently it shrinks my PDF when the page is set to column.

Hello, @rosshelton. Thanks for your question.

Sure thing this plugin works with the new responsive engine. We have made numerous tests with different page layouts and the PDF results were pretty neat.

If you need any help, feel free to DM us with the details of your setup (screenshots, description, etc.).

Zeroqode Support Team

@gyangting ,

Thanks a lot for details! Let us please investigate it on our test environment. We will get back to you asap. :pray:

Zeroqode Support Team


We have tried to recreate your case using the details you provided and, unfortunately, the issue is not reproducing on our side.

Will it be convenient for you to provide access to your app where we can test this issue? Please create a copy of the page where this issue is reproducing and provide a little guide on how we can reproduce it (which user to run, what buttons to click, etc.)

There is no need to have a paid Bubble plan to add [email protected] as a Collaborator, since Zeroqode is on an Agency plan.

Zeroqode Support Team

The plugin works perfectly but I am stuck here with a silly problem. When a pdf is created, the file is saved into AWS but how do I run a workflow to store file links in the user’s database?

I recently purchased this plugin and I have had nothing but issues with it.

One minute it works fine, then when I add something on the page it breaks the plugin and the exported page is blank. The problem is, when I delete what I thought might be the issue, the fault stays and I have to create a completely new page and start again.

Has anybody else had this issue? @ZeroqodeSupport could you please advise if you have had this issue before and what the fix was.


UPDATE - I have found the issue. The plugin doesn’t work if you have the ‘Loader’ plugin on the same page. I removed the loader plugin from the page and it now works correctly.

Hello! Is there any way to try it with a specific link and check the result before I buy it?

Create a text field in the data type you want and maybe name it something like ‘pdf_url’.

Then add a workflow step after the pdf creation like this - make changes to a thing (current thing) pdf_url > result of result of step 1’s (create pdf) file url.

Make sure the ‘save to amazon’ option is set to yes in the plugin settings (click the icon on the page and the option is there).

Hope this helps.

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The demo page can be found here but unfortunately you cannot try before you buy.

Thank you for the plugin
i am wondering if you have a good solution or at least some tip to make it more nice:
i am using your plugin to export my proposals to pdf
sometimes they are short (less then a page) but sometimes they are longer (more then 2 pages)
whats the best way to make the export a bit more nice

*page long depend by the items i am offering and the terms


Hello @shivrbanjade,
Apologies for the late reply. :pray:

In order to save the resulting PDF file into the database, please follow the steps below:

Build a flow that will create a database record with the URL of your resulting PDF file. How to do this:

  • activate the Upload file to AWS checkbox;
  • add event “When ConvertToPDF A converting is finished”
  • add the action Create a new thing, Type = database table where you want to save the PDF URL;
  • set the field “PDF URL” (the column name where you’ll save the file URL) = ConvertToPDF A’s Output File URL

Also, please note that the result of the plugin work is a URL to the converted file, not a file itself. That’s why you should create a data type “text” in your app data. So, please make sure the “pdf URL” is “text” in your database.

In case we can help you with any additional information regarding setup or workflow steps, please let us know.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

Hello @cmorris,
Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the late reply. :pray:

Glad to hear you got it sorted! Unfortunately, in some cases, third-party plugins can affect the plugin’s work. However, if you would like us to investigate the issue further, please let us know. We will be happy to assist you.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

Hello @amitshemla,
Thanks for reaching out!

The plugin breaks the page content into parts if those parts are not fitting the indicated page Format. Therefore, please try to use the Pagebreaker ID functionality. It works pretty well with the Group element. Just, assign the ID for the group you want to be the breaking point of the page and give it a shot.

Your plugin setup should be the following:

  1. place the plugin element on the page, and enable file uploads there (“yes”);
  2. assign an ID to the parent group, in which your page content is placed (for example, “page”);
  3. separate the content of this parent group into 2, dividing it into 2 pages that you want to have as a result. Name them, for example, page_one and page_two;
  4. assign the “Generate pdf from HTML server-side ConvertortoPDFv2.0 A” action to some button that should trigger the plugin’s conversion work;
  5. in the Convert Target dropdown choose “Single element” Screenshot by Lightshot
  6. in the ID field assign the ID of your parent group (“page”) Screenshot by Lightshot
  7. in the Pagebreakers ID field insert the IDs of your child groups (“page_one…”) Screenshot by Lightshot

In case you are already using page breaker functionality but cannot achieve the best result, please make sure you are using the latest version of the plugin. If the issue still persists, please provide a video recording showing the content of your page and the whole setup.

Hope it helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

Hi, I just subscribed to the Bubble Page to PDF converter:

But when trying to install it into my workflows, it is not an option under that name. Why is it not showing up as an option?

Hi, @chuck

Plugin content looks like this. Do you see this in your Workflow tab as available options?

Zeroqode Support Team

Thanks for the quick response. No, I don’t see that in the Workflow as an available option.

Ok I have subscribed to this plugin, but I do not see these elements. What is the corrective course of action?