Bubble Platform has strange symbols?

Any idea why the Bubble platform looks funny?

I get this all the time on a regular basis. Not sure what keeps fontawesome icons from loading, but if you file a bug report and let me know the issue number I’ll follow up with Bubble Support as well.

File bug report here:

Q: are you also a Loom user with Loom browser plugin installed?

No, I don’t use Loom.

I do almost all of my web dev (Bubble or not) on Windows Chrome and I see this load failure with varying degrees of frequency, but there’s no console indication of any problem when it happens (and I see it fail to load fontawesome icons and replace them with the odd special symbols both in the editor and in preview/runtime, FWIW). I assumed it might be because of a browser extension, but I don’t have many of those installed (Loom [which I find to be buggy], Drift Email, Grammarly, Google Page Analytics).

It’s a weird issue, but it doesn’t seem that commonplace as I don’t see more reports of it.

I’ve also seen this recently with font awesome icons while using my app on version-test, but I didn’t have time to try and chase it down. I think it happened mostly when I had the browser console open

You mean that some people use their web browsers without the console open, @gf_wolfer!? :wink:

If I see this behavior happen in the experimental beta editor, I’ll definitely report it. Note to self: Inspect the elements and grab a screenshot next time I see it. (Even though it shows up pretty frequently in some of my recent videos.)


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