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@Bubble Please Update the Install Plugins Popup

@Bubble, please update the ‘Install New Plugins’ popup in the Editor

We can’t keep waiting for the new editor for this simple issue :wink:

The Add Plugins popup is such a pain for a couple of reasons

  1. It is extremely slow loading as it loads every single plugin, please make it vertical scroll repeating group or whatever the ‘real code’ equivalent is :sweat_smile:

  2. Plugin developers are doing everything they can to appear at the top of the list, which I didn’t mind before when people were only using the ‘early alphabet’ approach, but now it’s just painful seeing plugins named with apostrophes or other non-alpha characters

(space by small tags??)

I know I’ll understandably get the ‘submit it to the ideaboard’ response, but I wanted others to chime in with their own ideas to improve it, especially regarding how to sort the plugins, such as by Rating and maybe with a minimum number of reviews?


We’re actually already working on options for addressing the issue with the sort. The rest of the updates will need to wait for the new editor – it’s not a simple fix, and it doesn’t make sense for us to implement on a product we’re going to phase out – but the sort is definitely on our radar.


I did think it had been solved a few months back Plugin search loading time solved?

It was super fast for a week, then went back to snail mode. Looking forward to that update anyway

Since now incremental changes to the editor are happening instead of a completely new one maybe this can be revisited @eve ?
A better plugin experience = more plugin sales for Bubble :+1:

YES! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Would also love the ability to send emails somehow to our buyers of plugins if they opt in when purchasing. Would help serve better customer service for our plugins and offer them other plugins thus increasing both bubble and plug-in creator revenue.


Don’t believe Eve works at Bubble anymore, maybe tagging @bubble will get more eyes on this?