Bubble Plugin Editor is Broken. State Initialization routines are not being called

More detail on this bug: I made a minimal plugin that demonstrates the issue.

Go get “Initboy” from the plugins store. The bug is fully explained on the plugin page. Drop it on a page and observe the console. Also observe its outputs.

From the plugin description:

This plugin demonstrates a bug in Bubble:
Demonstrating state initialization bug. Bubble is currently (Nov 22 2019) not running State Initialization functions correctly. Plugins that use those may not function correctly/as expected.


Drop element “initboy” on your page. Observe the browser console. Each state initialization function has a console.log statement in it.
What happens is that only the last function is run – and it gets run n times (where n is the number of initialization functions in the plugin). Each initialized state is assigned the value returned by the last (in this case 4th) function.

Further, the last function seems to get run 2x by 4x (it gets called 4 times in succession twice if I’m reading the console right).

You will also see console prints for the master initialization function and update function.

Examine the State outputs of initboy to see that all of them have been assigned by the 4th function.

Reported as bug #8111.