Bubble popup gone after Stripe redirects back

Hi Everyone!

I am having trouble with the Stripe redirect after a user has entered their credit card info from a Bubble popup.

Once Stripe returns the user to Bubble … the Bubble popup is gone … and the user has to re-open it and re-enter data because it is lost.

I am forced to remove the entering of the credit card button (our frequently used “change” button") from the popup in order to circumvent this. But UX is much more intuitive if this is done from inside the popup.

Does anyone know if a fix is possible for this behavior?

Hi @cmarchan !

What info exist in this popup? User’s info?
Sensitive data? Can you dinamically change the return URL used by stripe?

Hi @rpetribu !

It is profile data.

I guess I could capture it and have the popup reappear with it on page load.

Just wanted to hear other ideas :+1:t2:

Thanks :grinning:

What I would do is:

  1. Put the user’s uniq_id in the “return URL”

  2. On page load, check if there is any parameter in the URL. If yes, open the pop up and load the info of the user where uniq_id is equal to URL parameter.

Or the transaction id… or any parameter where I could navigate and get the user’s info

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