Bubble Possibilities RE: Mobile App & Watch App Remote Functions

My main app idea is a mobile app. I wish to have specific features from my app available via both WatchOS and Android Watch.

Can bubble create apps that work with WatchOS and Android Watch?

i.e. I am aware I can create an app once, and using something like https://codelessacademy.com/ push the app to both the App Store & Google Play at once; one app functional in both echo systems from one design and build.

However, within the Apple echo system I believe creating an app that works with mobile and watch harmoniously is possible, although I can appreciate there may be other constraints to consider when attempting harmonious synergy for both mobile and watch in both echo systems (Apple & Android), with building only one UI for mobile and watch to serve both Apple and Android.

After finding out one mobile app can suffice for both Apple and Android I figured I’d ask and see if the same applies to watch over both.

For context (if necessary), my app idea consists of geographical mapping of data, directions to locations, and trips routing similar to uber, however, I wish to trigger requests or should I say functions from watches for users who have watch’s and wish to have remote access.

  1. Is it possible to build Watch apps using bubble?

  2. Will I need to build three separate UI’s one for mobile and two for either watches, or one for both mobile and one for watch?

  3. Would it be a better use of the technology to build them within their native platforms (i.e. Xcode & Andriod equivalent)

Generally speaking, any information you feel is necessary to know considering the dilemma is appreciated.

i wanna do the same for watches under 5000. i need help with this code for my app.

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