Bubble Preview of Particular page crashing

My bubble app one page while previewing is getting automatically closed within seconds. Its working fine after removing debug option from page url in live & development version. But with debugger its showing issues

That is annoying, a couple of questions to rule out the obvious:

  1. Did you try CTRL + F5 (full refresh incl cache of the page)?
  2. Do you have any plugins or custom code/libraries which are loaded when opening the page? If so, temporarily disable/remove them and see what happens.
  3. Are there any workflows that run on pageload or are automatically triggered because of a condition? If so, disable them and see what happens.
  4. Are there any elements that load a lot of data? If so, can you hide or temporarily remove them and see what happens?
  5. If the above options do not solve the issue or point to a solution, can you clone the page and see what happens?
  6. If the options above do not solve the issue or point to a solution, try to remove a couple of the elements (f.i. a couple of the high level elements with a lot of elements in them) and see what happens. You can use the undo option to undo the removal of those elements.

Try out the options above first and lets see.


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Thankyou Gerbert , but I think the issue is something different, I had tried all above and issue still persists, I guess its due to repeating groups I have on page loading high amount of dynamic data with pagination to restrict their load, but still without them the page is useless

That is actually not that different, check item 3 and 4. To be clear, I’m not asking you to remove them, just to identify them. When you have identified them you can find a solution. F.i. you can use a custom event to postpone the moment data is loaded into the repeating groups.

So, what I would do is remove a couple of the elements which you suspect are causing the issue. If the issue is persist, remove another couple of elements. If the issue is gone restore a couple of elements,. Rinse and repeat until you have identified the group(s) that cause(s) the issue.

Nex, instead of specifying the data source in the element, use an action which runs a couple of seconds after the page load has finished. You can do that by creating a custom event with the action display list(for RGs) or display data (for groups) in it, and another action ‘Schedule custom event’ which you add to the page load event.

Thankyou for the explanation. This surely helps

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