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Hey Reece pls email me regarding 1:1



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Sent! Please expect from reece@announcefly.com

Can anyone who has gone through this workshop confirm that the steps are able to make white-labeled sites that work across browsers and devices? Eager to know your experience or just see examples of it actually working (like @help, if you could send links of various white-labled domains you have running that would be awesome! I’d pay for your course at this very moment)

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Hi @zelus_pudding

Sure here is our roadmap software that uses the CNAME system to let users build roadmaps in our Bubble app and connect their own domain: https://roadmap.productflare.com

I don’t have any other examples at the moment but from my experience it works perfectly for login portals and well if you have a whitelabel client portal for example.

In the course I also show you how to capture the CNAME domain so you can show the correct data without needing to log the user in (you can let your users save the domain they want to use in their dashboard then compare it to the URL in the URL bar to show the right data). It can even lead the way to build Shopify type stores!

Let me know if that helps!