Bubble Prod site down

Hi to my surprise my production site is down and I have done no deployments in a week. I have the below error and everything seems fine on domain registration site.

I might send bubble an email but is there an emergency contact number?

{“statusCode”:400,“message”:“API Connector error: the call bTWyO_oauth_user_data_call is missing, please reinitialize your calls.”,“args”:{“bubble_code”:“1540470378285x838342206319794000”}}

Look for status.bubble.is
The error you got sound to be an invalid API. Maybe look which one first.
Bug report if you can’t pin point the problem is the best way of communication.

Sendgrid issue right now.

Thanks for this John. I haven’t done any deployments and no API should take the whole site down. Looks like a bubble glitch. I don’t see any news on the status page.

David from bubble got in touch over email and hopefully will be sorted soon.

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Folks, just want to let you know my site is up. And here is the notes / learning so far :

  1. An API could take your site down ! I am workibg on my google slides API but since this could effect the metadta of your site and could take it down.

  2. Its not clear how works on Dev has taken out the live site. You’d think prod is another environment with differennt code. Bubble team is looking into this and I will let you know once they have some input.


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