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Bubble programming "Frame Works" for more dynamic UI & Applications?

I’ve taken many programming classes in he last two years specifically focused on AI, HTML5 video game development, business automation, & text manipulation/processing. My goal being to take video game beautiful interface experience and “game play” and apply it to simple businesses that are automatically run with the simple video game AI engine. So like a self running and business administration online robot! haha For example taking the AI of a chess game and replacing and assigning the variables to a online business lets say a online T shirt business.

In my research across these fields, frameworks, programming frameworks, and development processes and after taking over 40 Hours of Bubble Development Courses I have concluded that this is possible with Bubble but wanted to communities thoughts on it :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed the “limitations” of Bubble that are often referenced in some advanced use cases are due to a lack of documentation on the subject of FRAMEWORKS. For example in HTML5 when developing a “sprite animation” I read that this was beyond Bubbles current capabilities, but after some playing around I realized that one must create conditional logic frameworks and engines through Bubble workflows, match the conditions, naming conventions, and learn to convert these very powerful type of programing frameworks into Bubble.

Think this is a good example of creating more dynamic animations when converting this animation framework into a Bubble Work Flow

Guess my point and correct me if I’m wrong in Bubble having some more documentation or tutorials on “FRAME WORK” approaches & conventions of making applications??

Thoughts my friends :slight_smile:


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