Bubble Reference search doesn't work in Microsoft Edge browser

I use Edge as my browser of choice. (After a couple of years it has stabilized and works well for almost everything.)

Since beginning to use Bubble, I’ve been frustrated by the inability to do any kind of intelligent search in the Reference. I noticed that it works in the Manual, but not Reference.

Today, I decided that this simply could not be right. In fact I remember reading an announcement that the Reference is searchable. So . . . I opened the Reference in Chrome and, lo and behold, the kind of search capability I expected showed up.

I did a quick comparison of search results in the Manual and it looks almost the same in Edge as in Chrome. The difference is that in Edge, the search results heading and footer (credit to algolia) are missing.

I can live with this, but it would be nice to have it fixed so I can continue to work in my preferred browser.

It is there, but it renders oddly. The search results are over to the right of the main section listings. If you look to the bottom of the frame you can see the scroll bar after you have typed.


p.s. agree about Edge, it is simple and clean now. If I wasn’t so embedded in Google’s ecosystem, I would think about switching.

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