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Bubble Roadmap


This is great! I also want to commend the consideration given to the ‘agency’ pricing option - this is evidence of a response to implicit feedback. Great work.

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Finally! :wink:

I’m new and love what I see so far. Congrats Bubble. I’m looking forward to the community.

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@emmanuel How does the ‘ongoing’ stuff get prioritized?

Is it a sort of “when we get a spare half day here and there we’ll try and cross something off the list” sort of thing?

Thanks Bubble.
Awesome as always.

Is the geolocation (current geographic location) functionality on the “Systematically optimize most data-intensive queries” to-do list?

realy exited about it. I will check it out immediately

Did this page change recently? I only see past releases now, nothing in progress or upcoming :frowning:


Hello everyone!
Thanks for Bubble. It’s great tool and it’s amazing how easy we can implement integrations with many external services.
There are some problems though (which is of course natural at this stage), so I think it would be great to know your Roadmap and what you are working on.

I see it was done (and also announced publicly - like on medium) but I noticed it disappeared. Not sure what is the reason but is it going to be published again?


//cc @emmanuel

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Idk if you’ve noticed or not but this is old. They’ve since removed the roadmap and we kinda have no clue whats coming now.


dang! I did not notice…just saw it at the top today. bummer.


Yeah it sucks that they’ve gotten rid of it. I loved checking it every few weeks to see whats going on.


lol @joe5 … I added comment to this old thread hoping that we will get some updates on this topic.