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Bubble & Scrape

If you were to (like me) search for possible solutions to scraping website data into a Bubble db, you might also stumble upon the 90’s indie rock album Bubble & Scrape by Sebadoh.

It’s not that bad!


And yes, this thread has no other purpose than to point out this coincidence.

(oh, but if you do have experience scraping singular news articles to Bubble, feel free to share!)


Came across this myself

Did you find a solution? I am facing a similar requirement

Haha, that’s pretty funny. Maybe Bubble will give them a slight uptick in sales/streams. That’s marketing with foresight.

We moved away from scraping and settled on just fetching the basic data from websites in the project (with Coaching No Code App’s Link Preview plugin), so didn’t do any further research on this unfortunately.

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