Bubble Search: Are identical query requests all ran on page load? Or only a single one?

Same as the title, if we identical search queries at page load, will they run separately? Or is bubble smart enoguh to only run one search request?

My question is for all search requests e.g do a search, Current User:filtered etc…

Supposedly duplicated searches are only run once (unless there’s updates to the list I guess) but you can use the Network tab in dev tools to find all of the searches being done (see msearch). View the Response tab to see what the search actually is.


Additionally to the above, if you use the same query several times and you need to update the query, you’ll do it several times. Each time increases the workload plus chance of error.

I’d always suggest having a main query element on the page somewhere and allowing all other references that need the same the query to reference the query element instead of using the query expression itself.