Bubble Server IP for API Client Auth

I have an API service in which the vendor is requesting the Client IP Address for Authentication of the connection.

I assume i will need to design my workflows to run on server side, not client side and have them open up the Bubble server IP for access?

Question is, what IP can i give them for the server…


Hi @jake.berry did solve this?

facing the same issue Namecheap. I need to whitelist requester’s IP, and it can’t be dynamic.

Can you give me more detail into what you’re trying to do

Hi @doug.burden,

using API Connector to retrieve a list of Domains from Namecheap.

Namecheap API’s requires the ClientIP as a parameter. That’s the IP of the server/client making the request.

To be valid, it needs to be previously whitelisted in your account API setup.

Problem is, I think, Namecheap only admits static IP addresses, and with every call
https://bubble.io/apiservice/doapicallfromserver generates dynamically a different one. So requests can’t go through.

Very close to give up at this point tbh

See doc here and comments at the bottom