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Bubble Service Status: Potential Database Issues

Hi all – as a heads up, we are dealing with disk latency issues with our database right now. At the moment, the issues don’t seem to be impacting Bubble apps. However, they caused searches to slow down to a crawl yesterday, and there’s a chance that this will recur before we’ve fixed the underlying situation. We’re monitoring carefully and will post updates to to this thread if we see the issues start affecting users again.


Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for letting us know!

Update: situation is still on-going. Still shouldn’t be affecting your apps. We’re working on a couple of things in parallel to resolve it, but all of them are going to take a few more hours to finish.


Thanks for the update @josh!

In one of our Dev apps we’re seeing high latency off and on with

…but still Bubbling! Thanks for all you guys do.

Same here, see some performance issues on the applications, both dev and live.

Yeah, things with heavy database usage are likely to run a little slower right now.

One of the things we’re trying to fix this just finished, though, so I’m currently evaluating to see if it worked…

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I’m seeing latencies back to normal. Tentatively assuming we are okay, though we are going to keep monitoring