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Bubble Slack Channel?

Hi everyone -
are there any active Slack channels around for Bubblers to help and get help?
@jonaspalmqvist @levon


I had seen someone create a slack channel many months ago, but don’t know that it’s active anymore. I suspect the forum is the best place for help.

It’s not real-time, but you usually get replies within a few hours or maybe a day at most.

Additionally, I believe there are a few Bubble developers who offer office hours where you can pay for support by the minute. I believe @copilot offers this, for example.

Thanks for the shoutout @sridharan.s :slight_smile:

Hey @renelonngren,

If one-on-one, screen-shared assistance is what you’re looking for then check out Sessions. :wink:

As @sridharan.s mentioned, I believe there have been a few attempts at Slack channels. But they require good moderation and volume to stay viable.

I think the forum has its virtues (for threading, sharing copious screenshots, search ability)…things that aren’t quite strong in Slack.

Given that, as tempted as I’ve been to see a Slack community emerge, I’m a bit torn based on my experience in other large, distributed, Slack channels.

I created a Slack channel quite some time back.

@dan1 is absolutely right. I moderated it carefully for a year or two but the volume of users was not there. You’re welcome to join, just say, but unfortunately I don’t think it’s live. Feel free to check it out though.

I do think it’s a shame as Slack or other serve a different purpose than the forum. IMHO, they go well together.

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Hey @jonaspalmqvist would love an invite to the slack channel. Let’s revive it! Even if that means on you and I :slight_smile:

Working to put together possibly a NYC #CodeWithBubble hackathon soon based on interest - so having a slack channel may help.

Thanks in advance.

Email is nirav (at) requext (dot) com

Any interest in reviving the Slack group?

Any active slack channel to discuss & network?

I would love to enter.

How do I?

Thanks, onplanners