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Bubble Slack Integration - Bubble Blog

Yep same here
Invalid auth - not logged into Slack

I guess this plugin is only usefull to Login with Slack.
The rest doesn’t work, so you should go with the API connector and add actions manually

I was able to solve this using Api Connector with the help of @TipLister. Feel free to send him a message.

Keep getting invalid auth error while posting as a bot. Anyone figured it out without switching to alternate slack plugin?


Could you please comment on the usefulness status of this plugin?

Is it functional or is it outdated as a brief browse of some of the comments in this post apparently suggests.

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It depends what you are using it for. If the purpose is to notify your Slack channel when a new user signs up or completes some action, then no, this plugin is not useful.

If you are using it to create log in with Slack, sounds like that works.