Bubble strategy - closed vs open

Hi Founders - you’ve developed something amazing and I’m a big fan of the system. However, I’m still not sure if I’m going to use it for my MVP. This is because the vendor lock-in risk is just too high for any number of reasons. Working on scalability/performance is not the best way to solve this in my view. The way to solve it is to introduce two features. Priority 1 is portability, i.e. a feature that converts bubble configuration to code so that it can be deployed and run on any other infrastructure. This removes all risk for business customers. Priority 2 is to improve extensibility with the ability to write custom code on the platform and call it from the workflows. This is something that SAP systems have incorporated for years. These features will make it impossible for both business customers and web developers NOT to use your product because it a stark choice between using bubble or being several times less effective without it. At which point your growth has to explode. Then you will be rich and be able to spend as much money as you like trying to solve hosting and scaling issues. But that’s not your key value proposition, in my humble opinion. Furthermore, until you implement these features, you are vulnerable to competitors who say, thanks very much for showing us the way, we’ll do the same but offer portability and easy extensibility instead of deployment and hosting and capture the business and web developer customer segments from under your nose and ultimately the non-technical segment will follow, due to network effects. Of course, I may be wrong. In any event, I hope you guys win in the end because you deserve to.

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