Bubble Stripe Plugin - Stripe Subscription Receipt and Tax

I’m using the Bubble Stripe plugin. Couple of questions if anyone knows.

  1. When a User first signs up to a Plan, they get charged but Stripe is not sending the User a receipt - how do I send a User a receipt with the amount they have been charged? I would have thought Stripe would automatically send them a receipt? Do I have to create a plain text receipt in Bubble?

  2. Can I create a tax just for Customers in Australia? So they are charged 10% GST but customers in other parts of the world are not? How would I access the User’s country?

For my app, I send the invoice when got confirmed payment. For tax, I will simply create at Stripe 2 kind of payment, and in Bubble, use two different workflows to tell Stripe what to do.

Hi, thanks for replying.

When you say ‘confirmed payment’ do you just mean the payment shows in your Subscriptions row in Stripe?

Sounds like I need to create a User receipt on Bubble’s side because Stripe will not send a receipt automatically.

To charge your tax, do you need to separate your Users by country - and if so are you just collecting their address as part of the Stripe Checkout plugin or do you collect their address in a different part of the app?

I answered you in PM. :wink:

GST Help for other Users using Stripe Plugin by Bubble

Show GST in Invoices:
The Bubble plugin does not allow you to create itemised invoices or invoices with GST tax added (note that the Stripe dashboard does allow you to do this, just not the Stripe plugin by Bubble).

Show GST for ‘Buy Now’ Purchases
Stripe don’t allow ‘Buy Now’ purchases to include GST so unfortunately I have to do a hack where I show ‘inc. GST’ in the purchase description, turn off the Stripe Receipt, and send my own Bubble receipt itemising the GST.

This is okay for a quick Stripe set-up, but using the Bubble API connector to connect to Stripe instead of using the Stripe plugin by Bubble, will probably offer a more sophisticated solution (haven’t tried this yet).

Show GST for subscriptions
Still investigating…