Bubble Teacher - Must be in Atlanta, GA (in person)

Need someone to teach an intro Bubble course here in Atlanta GA for a nonprofit called Refcode.

The lead teacher MUST BE PHYSICALLY PRESENT IN ATLANTA. (I know that’s super disappointing for those of you who aren’t here!)

What is Refcode?
Refcode is an organization with a mission to help refugees in Atlanta, GA start careers in software engineering. We used to teach traditional programming but have pivoted to Bubble. Our programming includes:

  • In-person and online self-paced courses / bootcamps
  • Mentorship
  • Internship at our Bubble Software Agency
  • Contract work at our Software Agency

More about the upcoming course
This will be held in-person once per week for 10 weeks. You can use the curriculum we already have or you can create your own.

What level of experience is required?
This is an intro class, so you don’t need much experience.

You need either:

  • Some traditional coding experience, or
  • Some Bubble experience

If you’re a fast learner, I can personally coach you to be able to teach the curriculum we have. You will be supported by volunteers and TAs who you can lean on for more difficult questions in Bubble if you don’t know the answer.

Can I still connect if I don’t want to teach?
YES! Please connect with me if you Bubble in or around Atlanta, or if you’re inspired by the mission of Refcode. We are making Atlanta into the Bubble capitol of the world! Join me!

Here’s a video from our last cohort graduation. We had our best graduates compete against a Sr. Google engineer!

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I love what you/Refcode are doing to help refugees.

  • Is there a stipend?
  • What day/time is the course to be held?
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Yes, there can be a small stipend, depending on experience. But think of this as a mostly volunteer effort. But please DM me if money is an obstacle, I totally get that, your time is valuable and sometimes it just can’t work without some compensation.

Time and location is actually up to the lead teacher. The rough format is one session (3 hours) a week for 10 weeks. In the past we’ve done Wednesday nights, but if you prefer do to it on the weekend or some other day, we can be flexible. The only thing that probably won’t work is for it to be during business hours.