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Bubble Timeout But No Connection Problems

Bubble keeps timing out on me when I try to make any changes. I’ve closed the app, reloaded it, closed my browser, nothing seems to work…keep getting this response of a weak connection, however when testing my speed I see no issues with a weak connection.

Bubble apparently is operational as indicated on the status page.

Anybody else having this issue? Started for me when I tried to make my first change of the day and won’t go away.

Interesting… I’m editing my app right now and it’s working fine

After putting this up and sending Bubble a bug report, I tested another application and it was working fine. I went back into the application with the problem and it persisted and then a bit later it resolved itself.

I’m finding the editor to be really buggy in general at the moment.

I’ve been having issues over the last 3-4 days. One of them is about data being visible in the database while being used as conditional operators. The values are recognized by the conditional, but the database doesn’t show it…

What is worse, is if I go into the DB to try and view the data, which is a field on a datatype, the field is empty, but the inspector shows it as being set since the conditional uses it, and when I close the data view by pressing save, because the field is actually empty, it saves an empty field and the conditional shows the value no longer being set and the conditional not met.