Bubble to Adalo Challenge

Hi All,

Was interested to know if there are some people here who would be willing to take on a challenge to re-build a bubble web application in Adalo and share the experience!

I was playing around with Adalo last week and I can see the opportunity here as a great app builder. Is anyone interested so we can set something up?

I have zero skills with Adalo so this might be a fun learning curve :smiley:

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I have been flirting with Adalo for a while…but it feels like it wants me to commit.

Be very interesting to dive in and try to recreate an app sometime. Good idea😁


Cool, then we have a team of two willing to try it out. I’ll set up a Slack channel once we have 3 more willing to work on a web app. The main purpose would be to select one web app and whenever someone is stuck, we’d jump in and help eachother!

Glide really burned me with their maps implementation recently so will be interesting to see if Adalo can slot in my mid-tier toolbelt.

I’ve tried many builders and Adalo is the closest one in terms of similarity to Bubble, for me. I’ve noticed @ZeroqodeSupport building a plugin for their marketplace, that intrigued me and gave me a good idea of how important Adalo might be or become :smiley:

I’m not familiar with Glide!

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It looks like that apps experiencing a performance issue with a 15K records in DB. This is not a good sign using a pro package.


They promise to fix that in Q3 as a deadline.

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I’d kind of be interested in checking out Adalo, but I can’t get past their email/password signup page. (Seriously? It’s 2020 here.)

:point_up: Bubble app developers: Take note. This is how all of your prospective users feel. (If you’re not enabling at least one OAuth signup method, you’re losing audience.)

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I’ve used Adalo a little, but always seem to come back to bubble.

But now with the ability to create custom components with React I’ll probably dive back in.

I’d be interested to hear about the plugin API experience. (I’ve read the skimpy docs.) But again, what actual skilled developer would sign up for this thing without login with GitHub? :man_shrugging:

Sadly, Adalo is a bit crap.

Fell at the first hurdle with trying to do a map - you can’t show markers near a particular location.

What on earth is the point of that ?

Same with Glide. So basic and so expensive. $50 a month and you can’t really do much.

It’s actually the same for Bubble. You can create custom plugins to add this functionality.

Not sure you can filter on distance from a user location ?

Have you tried Appgyver?

I tried Adalo 2 months ago.

A little slow and anything that you can do after one week of Bubble is hard to do.
Sometimes there are some hacks but very difficult to copy most apps from bubble.

The price tag seems too high for that at the moment (even with react stuff now).

However; Beautiful editor interface.

Isn’t it just.

I will put up a video of trying to build a VERY simple directory app in both Glide and Adalo.

Suffice to say neither really worked all that well, which is a shame for the whole nocode community, we need high quality platforms.

Glide - pretty much unusable in the EU, as you can’t do Cookie Consent and they are not interested in GDPR. Even without storing Personal Data it was very flaky. So quick to build and the templated way of building rather than drag and drop is amazingly focused. Editor can slow down a bit at times.

Adalo - As above, map functions are very poor and don’t seem to work at anything like real world numbers. Interface has a familiar feeling to Bubble, and I really like to slightly higher level of elements (tiles, lists, lists with detail etc).

May try Thunkable next.

(Although I actually do need to build this for real, so Bubble is going to be the one).


I agree here, Adalo seemed a great platform but yesterday had some issues with displaying nearby markers on a map :axe:

Yeah, doesn’t work. Which is really annoying.

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I like Adalo for native apps, it’s really quick to develop and has some cool features. BUT, and this is a huge BUT. They are not GDPR compliant so realistically, if anyone creates an app that is intended to be used by anyone within the EU, you are taking a huge risk!

Shame really as they are cutting off an entire continent by not being GDPR compliant.

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I have given up on Adalo for now. Their map function is seriously buggy, and little support.

Worth looking at softr.io as well. Newer in the market so they don’t have a huge amount of functionality, but they have only just released the “Web Application” side so am hoping for good things. The Airtable integration is sweet.