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Bubble to React App or Bubble to React Native

Let me know once you have built this product, because I would definitely be using it!


Please let me know if you develop a such solution!
I would be great, and a Plus to aways start developing using bubble


Hello! We have an alpha released Long roadmap ahead but let me know what you think and stay tuned for updates :slight_smile:


@tacius @alexandrotad @PasqualeJS @dannyliu @harrison.lee @malikasfandyarashraf @yourmom
We have an alpha released now Alot more to add and official Bubble support is in the works but native Webflow support is ready to roll.

Have a lot envisioned with this. Essentially the no-code web framework. Enjoy :slight_smile:

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great product! will be glad to try it :slight_smile:

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Great job :+1:

I just signed up on cliqflo once it have Bubble to React/React Native code conversion then you got one paying customer waiting in line :wink:

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Oh yes! We will add React Native shortly. Should not be to much extra work.

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nice :slight_smile:

Hi schnetzlerjoe;
I appreciate your idea
It is a great idea, but it opposes both bubbles and no-code technologies.
I believe in the idea but I see it will not be easy to extract generation code from Bubble to react or Angular or any JavaScript framework
Generating code has a lot of algorithms and standard code. It is not easy to read by humans and requires a lot of code for small changes.
I believe you have experience and have worked around this issue
Anyways it looks like you consider a bubble just a tool to do some tasks in your business life cycle
Like MVP and small business for a small client
Once the customer starts to the next level, you’re driving him to another platform as he trusts now in his business and Application and can generate the money, in addition, need to scale up the application due to the business increases
I liked this approach and I created my agency around it
Bubble is MVP and Small Business more than that bubble still need more from @ Emmanuel
By the end, you knows the secrets of the application and can run the transformation smoothly front end then the database then the back end
I do not recommend the Application running on multiple platforms unless you have the plan to stop that one day.
Bubble it or program it traditionally.
Good luck

Thanks for the insight! It’s definitely for a certain group.

I have moved dozens and dozens and dozens, of Bubble sites off Bubble for clients because it’s unscalable and incredibly slow when you even have a slight user base.

So this is an internal tool that I have used dozens of times and has saved me 100s of hours. If not more. Just releasing it to the world because between this forum, Webflow forum and indiehackers, almost 100 people have asked me to use it. So seems like others find it useful thus far. Also it’s very handy when you use Bubble, Webflow or Wix just to design (like figma) and need to provide those designs to a developer. With this tool you can do that with a single JavaScript file and saves developers, like myself, many many hours converting designs to code.

Thanks :pray:!

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I appreciate your honesty about the bubble :slight_smile:
Performance and scale-up of the applications will be the reason to kill the tool
I have moved dozens and dozens and dozens, of Bubble sites off Bubble
This statement has multiple facets
a good one. There are many customers using bubble
They decided to leave it the bad one

my question now is
When you transfer the bubble front end to React and keep the backend
are there any differences in the performance?

How is the project going?

It appears the website isn’t live anymore