🎉 Bubble Udemy Course

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just released my first Udemy Course - Build Apps without Code using Bubble: Complete Guide. This course bundles the most useful Bubble tutorials I’ve recorded in the last year into one extensive course.

The course is structured into three sections:

  1. Building Simple Applications - In this section we will build simple applications like Directories, Review Sites, Ecommerce Sites, Status Pages and more! These will teach you the the ins and outs and will prepare you for building your own applications.
  2. Build Clones of Popular Sites - In this section we will rebuild some popular websites such as Quora, Linktree and Hacker News. This will teach you how to build an application from scratch.
  3. Advanced Tutorials - In this section we will take a deeper dive into more advanced Features of Bubble such as API Workflows, Custom States, URL Parameters, Performance Optimisation, Custom Plugins, Data Privacy, External APIs and more!

We also provide you with a list of resources that will help you when building your digital business.

After completing the 9+ hours of video material you should have a wide ranging skill set for Bubble and the ability to build almost any app.

In every Lecture we will build something new together, which will teach you something new about Bubble. You will learn things like Database structure and relationshops, Design, Payment Processing, Privacy Roles, Responsiveness,APIs, Custom States, Plugins, Performance and more!

Take a look at the course here

Looking forward to your feedback!