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Bubble UI/UX - Workflow actions as vertical list

If it ain’t broke, dont fix it. And bubble surely isn’t, but a bit of UI/UX tweaking to the workflow interface would make my day :wink:

Initial suggestions:

  1. Change to a vertical list with longer action extracts - This gives a much better overview and natural flow

  2. Add option to disable an action - For easier debugging of complex workflows and to be able to view long titles (really useful)

  3. Change the action title directly on the action element - For a faster flow

  4. Add option to color actions by directly clicking the color box (as per example) - For better overview. Initial color should be grey.

  5. Use color-coding of pseudo-scripts elements, data and actions through out (eg. grey and black) - To better see what element or data is changed.

  6. Change variables, elements etc. directly on the action element (in addition to using the toolbox) - This will greatly improve the design and debug flow.


Hey there @login,

Welcome to the Bubble community!

This is a great idea! I’d definitely add it to the Bubble ideaboard, definitely would upvote this idea :blush:

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I like the existing flow!

For sure! :smiley:

Cool, I have added it to the idea-board titled “ UX and functionality improvements for the workflow tab”. It’s probably at the very bottom :slight_smile: